Keep your community in the driver’s seat

Keep your customers, drivers, and loyal fans safe behind the wheel and behind the screen with a hands-on, tech-driven approach to community management and digital customer care.

Our 250+ people teams understand nuanced automotive language, proactively respond to crisis moments, and navigate a hefty social media landscape, all within rapid response times.

Plus, our 21 years of around-the-clock, around-the-world capabilities make us the best at what we do, so you can focus on what matters most.

Uniquely appeal to new drivers and loyal fans

Through data-driven strategy and reporting, our teams are equipped to understand, report & act across digital touchpoints with highly nuanced and often technical automotive language and appeal.

Grow, protect, and advocate for your brand, at scale

 Our team of over 250 social media leaders and experts speaks over 52 languages and has been strategizing optimal online engagement and moderation for 20 years. If you let us, we’ll become your biggest brand advocates, a seamless extension of your team, ready to grow alongside you.

Drive ROI with targeted data points


Our span of social listening tools reveals an entirely new set of insights on your niche audience segments– from activity reporting, influencer identification, and campaign performance analysis all over the world. These methodologies within digital data insights are proven to increase ROI and generate new leads



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Automotive FAQ

The Impact of Social Media on the Automotive Industry is real. ICUC offers retailers an integrated way to connect social media to sales. By using our platform to turn user generated content (UGC) into ads and shoppable galleries that lead to your website or online store.

If sales are important to your organization, then you need an integrated solution. ICUC connects to audiences early in the buyer’s journey, so we have the most success in driving sales. We listen every step of the way to help you stand out from the competition.

ICUC marries consumer surveys with social media data to steer your content plan. Our team of experts know how and where to connect with retail industry influencers. We’ll work with them to amplify your reach.

Our pricing model is based on several variables:

  1. What volume of content do you need ICUC to manage?
  2. What kind of response time (SLA) are you looking for?
  3. What channels does ICUC need to manage?
  4. Are responses scripted or unique based on situations?
  5. Do you need publishing/scheduling services?
  6. What are your goals?

As you can see, it takes a conversation to get through the questions above – fill out the form on this page and we can get started!