Community Management

Attract, nurture and build a robust online customer base with 24/7 community management, spanning 52+ languages.

Engaging customers in your brand voice requires expertise


The online relationship between a company and a customer is precious. To keep and grow a lasting connection, companies need to invest time, energy, and availability. It’s an overwhelming ask, but there’s an easy starting point: Hire experts in community management. 

At ICUC we don’t just manage online brand communities, we proactively cultivate & create them. 

Our community engagement specialists refine your brand persona, grow your customers’ loyalty, and expand your brand visibility through fast and nuanced online interactions — no Instagram comment, Discord message, Tweet, nor chatbot inquiry goes unanswered on our watch. There are hundreds of billions of people online every day worldwide. 

Attract and retain the right customers at the right time with ICUC’s 24/7 community management services, at a global scale.

How your brand will benefit from Community Management

Community Management FAQ

Sure. But we already have global scale in place with over 250+ people and a variety of tools to pull from. Our specialists possess a deep expertise for fostering engagement. To maintain these attributes in-house is laborious, that’s why many clients choose us to become an extension of their team.

Community Management is now an expectation from customers. It’s the perfect opportunity to connect with them. If customers have a positive experience, they’ll drive new business creating more opportunities. Consequently, improving revenue and increasing ROI.

Our clients save time and money by outsourcing community management. ICUC has an established team ready for you. They have the necessary training, scope and scale for all of your social customer service needs. Once you onboard with us, you’ll see more business opportunities, new leads and higher ROI.