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Drive ROI with global engagement and deeper brand insights

Whenever we work with CPG & retail marketers, we start with the customer. It’s an approach that goes beyond counting “fans and followers.” It means listening to all the conversations related to your brand. With ICUC, your customers aren’t just following, they are molding purchasing decisions based on a refreshed, authentic, and nearly unbreakable connection to your brand. Management expects answers. Where do competitors stand? Have we improved customer sentiment? Where are there gaps for improvement? What’s trending? Social media provides a lens to answer these questions, but getting started is easier said than done.

Embrace an ever-changing market with confidence

Aligned with the multi-faceted, global agency network, dentsu, and trusted by the world’s biggest brands and largest names, ICUC’s network isn’t just global, it’s highly secure, informed, and reputable, so your brand is covered at every touchpoint.

Deepen brand awareness in your cpg business

The tastes of CPG consumers are rapidly changing; what works for your brand today might not appeal to your audience next month. ICUC is backed by tech and human insights, offering a suite of social listening services to trend-set fast-moving digital moments and optimize creative power plays. We’re one step ahead of the curve, so that means you are, too.

Generate new leads & drive ROI with a targeted, loyal community

Still relying on focus groups and shelf placement to understand your target audience? Reveal an entirely new set of insights collected from measurements of our social listening tools — from activity reporting, influencer identification, and campaign performance analysis, all on a global scale. These digital data insights are proven to increase ROI and generate new leads for your business.



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Retail FAQ

In today’s digital climate, consumers are starting their search for consumer packaged goods online. An increasing number of people are using online searches to make CPG purchasing decisions, and if your business does not have a strong online presence, your brand will fall to the wayside.

93% of mothers engage with social media daily; mothers are the deciding factor for most CPG purchases in most homes. While the powerhouses of Facebook and Pinterest reign supreme for mothers and other CPG shoppers, ICUC will help your company assess what platforms will be most effective for your niche audience.

ICUC will try and come up with a solution that falls within your budget’s parameters; contact us today to get started. Our value add is that we become an extension of your team, allowing you to scale without the expense of hiring.

It’s never been easier for consumers to switch brands within the CPG industry. Stay ahead of your competition by doing a deep dive on your audience. ICUC helps you communicate your brand value and leverage UGC to drive sales.